Gishler IMN 

Integrated Movement for the Nerves

        Slow Moving Pilates to release Nerve/Muscle Pain 

   For Joint Stability, Breath, Strength & Control

Classes and Privates:

Gishler IMN is a wonderful combination of 4 Pilates Principles plus 1 more that changes exercising to healing

    1) Oppositional  pull

    2) Breathing

    3) Full body commitment

    4) Balanced Muscular Use

    5) Slow, deliberate movement with control and grace. (Gishler IMN)

For the body to reset the nerve messaging or to calm the nerves down so the muscles can become more flexible and balanced Gishler IMN adds slow movement to help all three muscle layers become activated.

This slow, deliberate, focused movement enables the nerves to reset their messaging in the muscles, quickly strengthening and healing injured areas of the body.