Workshops & Intensives  

Workshops & Intensives are offered in your area when invited.

All classes are taught from how the Nerves work so they are

slower moving, with more awareness.

Though I am trained to teach on all of the Pilates equipment, I only teach mat classes unless I'm teaching in a Pilates Studio where the equipment is available. I have found that the mat exercises done correctly make the body stronger faster rather than using the equipment. 

In Dance Studios I teach Floor-Barre and Dance warm-ups from the perspective of the nerves so these classes are slower moving so the dancer can feel what is happening in the body, tapping in to each muscle and muscle group.


All instruction Includes Experiential (activity based) Anatomy. 


  • 2 hours long

  • 4 hours long

  • All day


  • 2 Day

  • 4 Day

  • Week longs



Pricing to be discussed and will vary for each.