What Is A Trauma ?

 A trauma is any incident in your life either physical, emotional, psychological or a thwarted Belief, small or large, that startles you and/or creates an uneasy feeling in your body. Your brain takes in this information but your Nervous System deciphers if it's a trauma or not. 

Simple Traumas

Shots of any kind & stitches

Stubbing your toe

Biting the inside of your lip or tongue

Banging your knee

Dental operations, shots, teeth pulled

Vomiting, Asthema attacks constricting breath

Seeing a scary situation

Seeing a scary scene in a movie, TV or Website

Hearing something scary

Afraid of the dark then being left in the dark

Getting lost in a store

Getting stung by a bee

A major nose bleed

Being cut off in traffic or yelled at by a stranger or friend 

Religious belief being questioned

Being accused of lying when you're telling the truth

Inconsistant instructions at work or by a loved one.

Losing a family member, parents fighting &/or splitting

                         and on and on......

And I haven't begun mentioning the major, obvious ones 

like breaking a bone or a car accident.

In short ... if you are alive you have nerve trauma.

Fight or Flight and Your Nerves

When you get Injured.....

  • The Nervous System sends emergency signals to the injured area.

  • Immediately your larger muscles swell to protect and stabilize the affected area.

  • Sometimes this swelling can lead to bones being displaced which can result in chronic pain.

  • This is a natural response and how our Nervous System helps us cope with intense situations known as "fight or flight".

  • Our body is built to naturally reset the nerves through deep REM sleep for 5 to 8 continuous hours, which is rare for many people in this day and age. 

  • Bowen Therapy's direct access of the nerves allows the nervous system to reset and relax without REM Sleep. 

  • The Nerve Studio offers Bowen sessions to relieve stress, anxiety, trauma, and pain (both immediate and chronic), as well as group and private exercise classes to help you stay healthy, flexible and strong!