Michelle Pylar, Age 50

I have had a tilted pelvis for at least 15 years that I know of…I wasn’t in chronic pain, but through the years I could see it causing some intermittent issues that affected, in particular, one of my knees and the ball of my foot on the opposite leg.  I had a constant dull ache in my lower back that I thought might be sciatica.  I worried things would only get worse, and I really just wanted it to be fixed  I tried many practitioners to try to correct the misalignment.   I had my tailbone adjusted several times, I tried dry needling, I worked with a chiropractor, I had cranio-sacral treatments, biodynamic and other, I had monthly zero balancing sessions for 3 years, I completed the 10 series of Rolfing.   I would see some improvement with all of it…but everyone kept saying it was just the way my body was shaped and it probably wouldn’t get much better…but that just didn’t make sense to me.

I did a series of 10 sessions with Lori, which included some Pilates sessions to assess and train all of my muscles to be firing (some were not doing their jobs…for instance, it was discovered my hamstrings were not pulling any weight at all), as well as to build my core strength, but the nerve therapy was especially miraculous.  The sessions were so non-invasive…I almost had to doubt I would see any results at all…but every week something new and exciting would happen after the sessions.   I have no more tilt or twist in my hips and pelvis.  Any dull aching pain is gone, including pain I would sometimes get in my hip sockets when walking a long time…gone.  I can sit cross-legged for the first time in as long as I can remember…and each passing day I notice something else new and improved.  I have also made what I am sure to be a life-long friend.  Lori is a true healer and I am beyond blessed to have met her. 

LH, Durango Co., Retired

Lori has been extremely helpful in two separate areas. I had an area on my thigh with numbness/burning which didn’t allow me to stand for extended times without significant discomfort. Over a period of about 20 years, I had seen MDs, Dos, acupuncturists (one was helpful but no one could duplicate his success when I moved), etc. I had reconciled myself to living with this the rest of my life when I overheard a conversation about Bowen. After speaking with my MD,

I saw Lori. In two sessions the issue was resolved!!! I was so excited that I helped her get her website going so that others could learn about her.


A separate issue was post ACL Reconstruction. I was having issues walking up and down stairs without pain. After practicing her recommendation on the two steps at her house, I am able to go up the stairs at the Recreation Center without pain.


It is difficult to describe what Lori does. I find her varied experiences with dance, movement, yoga, Pilates, and Bowen combine to give her a wealth of knowledge unique unto herself. I am now working with her on exercises to strengthen my post surgery leg and am confident I will improve quickly.

BDC,  age 72, Durango, Colorado

I wanted to improve my posture, to stand and sit properly and straight so I signed up for 4 private - Slow Moving Pilates Sessions.  With loving patience, Lori taught me exercises to retrain my neurology to support my intentions, core muscles and spine.  Also, my body awareness has been greatly enhanced. 

Thank you Lori, for your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise!