Pilates Mat Exercises ~ Slow Moving (Gishler IMN)

                             to Strengthen, Understand, Fine Tune

                         Classes & Private Sessions 

Many Pilates classes are 1 hour long and exercises are done one right after the other.  As a person who looks at the body and joints from the perspective of how the Nerves affect the muscles; it was very hard for me to teach Pilates classes where the clients expected the class to move at a quick pace. 


When doing the exercises quickly clients proceeded to fall right back into an old pattern of using their joints incorrectly. Which meant some of the clients were leaving class, possibly hurting more than when the class began.

If the exercises are done slowly there is time to focus, strengthen  and correct the use of the muscles while moving. It also enhances the instructor's ability to correct the client's placement if needed.

The slower you move the more muscles you use. If you are using more muscles then more nerves have to be on and communicating because your nerves activate your muscles. With more nerves activated you are able to correct your old, habitual muscle patterns. The slow movement helps to use all of the muscles not just the larger ones.


Exercise is great for the body if the joints

are strong and aligned.

Slow moving Pilates (Gishler IMN) helps you:

  • Understand the purpose of the exercise and why do it.

  • Gives you time to feel what is happening in your body and joints while moving.

  • Helps you learn to read what the joints are telling you.

  • Gives you time to find your breath and rhythm in exercise.

  • Helps you detect old patterns in your joint movement that are not helping you.

  • And more.....