Lakshmi's Background

       How do people who do extreme exercising stay in their field even after a major injury? Finding the answers to this question has lead me to train as a dancer in NYC training in the Martha Graham Technique, Eric Hawkins, Jose Limone' and classes with the Joffrey Ballet School. Then I moved to Northern California, trained and certified as a Yoga Postures Teacher. While there I created The Joyful Arts Yoga/Dance School and The Joyful Arts Dance Ensemble ~ Touring Company.

       From 1999-2002 I had intense, debilitating tailbone pain from re-injuring an old dance injury due to me having a straight, not softly bent, tailbone. Since I had been born with a straight tailbone, I thought everyone's tailbone was straight. From doing Modern Dance floor exercises in my 20's, which always rubbed my tailbone nerves into the wood floor; those nerves had become very hurt and stressed. In 2003 I began experiencing debilitating pain in my lower back and tailbone and randomly losing power in my legs.

       By this point I had moved to Durango, CO and was introduced to The Bowen Technique. The treatments healed my tailbone nerves as well as other ailments that had plagued me since childhood. (Strepp Throat, Asthma, Migraines and softly curved my tailbone).  Needless to say...I was sold and I trained in the Bowen Technique and began treating clients.

       The final step was Classical Pilates training which helped me understand the correct muscle groups to use in body movement. Being a Nerve Practitioner training in Pilates, I quickly realized that Pilates, if done correctly, is a nerve therapy in action. 

       In practicing Pilates and muscle group exploration in my own body I created new ways to exercise in order to calm my body on a daily basis called Gishler Integrated Movement for the Nerves (IMN) and it has worked. I have a more fluid and agile body now, than I did in my 20's. For the past few years I have been sharing this technique with anyone who is Interested. Thus far, my clients have had tangibly, fast results.