How Do Your Nerves Work ?

Normal Nerve Shock Pattern

  • When functioning normally, the muscle is shocked in a nice, calm pattern by the nerves running by and through it.

  • The muscle inflates from the shock then deflates before filling up again.

  • In essence the muscle is exercising.

  • This keeps happening over and over keeping the muscle elasticized, flexible and ready to move when you need it.

                      Nerve Trauma/Stress Message (Fight or Flight)


  • When we experience a trauma the shock patterns come one right after the other so the muscles in the affected area continue to inflame/swell more and more instead of draining between shocks.

  • As the muscles keep filling with Lactic Acid from the shocks they become tighter, stiffer and immobile to stabilize the area. 

  • As the muscles continue swelling they can begin pressing against other muscles, nerves and/or bones.

  • Let's say the bone is a vertebrae in the spine being pushed out of alignment by the swollen/inflammed muscle. You then experience pinching or pain in your back.

  • If you get your back adjusted, you are only addressing the pushed  displaced bone or bones but not the cause which are the nerves over shocking the muscle(s), pushing on the bone.


This is why many people experience their back going out soon after an adjustment.

Address the nerves first then your adjustment holds longer and is easier on your body.