General  Info call
Lori Lakshmi @ 970-799-3447

                      Ongoing Sessions 

         Offered Daily by Appointment:

         Bowen Nerve Treatments ~ Remote or In Person 

               Gishler Integrated Movement ~ Privates

                      Pilates Mat exercises done slowly to release 

                          nerve pain and to check and correct joint placement.

                                   Nerve Specialist




                             Payments are by cash/ check in person

                            Remote Sessions with Paypal or Venmo


           Gishler Integrated Movement for the Nerves

                     Exercise Class with Discussion

           with information on Side Lines of the body's Muscular 

           Connections and your nerve webbing called the Fascia.

                                  To Be Announced

                    $50. per person (Cash or Check), 5 person limit

                                        Pay the day of the class

         Please call or text Lori @ 970-799-3447 for more info./ to sign-up

                                     Nerve Specialist