Dancers ~ Traditional Floor-Barre 

with Pilates & Nerve Knowledge To Strengthen

& Stabilize Your Body For a longer Dance Life


Classes & Private Sessions ~ For Students & Instructors

Exercising with Spinal & Joint Misalignment 


It is believed that exercising makes the body strong and healthy.

This is true if your joints are correctly aligned.


If they are not aligned your Nervous System finds a new group of muscles to take over so you can keep dancing. This is called, compensating. These muscles and ligaments take on a job they were never meant to do and soon weaken. This creates incorrect placement, pressure and pain in different areas of your body.


If you are dancing with hurting or painful joints &/or back pain... 

instead of helping your body, you're more than likely, hurting and weakening it even more.


Traditional Floor-Barre

with Pilates & Nerve Knowledge

These classes are preventative for bodies that are not injured and 

restorative for injured bodies to re-set and calm the nerves to heal and remain strong. With the knowledge of Pilates exercises and muscular use you will learn what muscles to use to enhance and strengthen your body while keeping it loose with less pain and soreness.

Most dancers spend the entire day getting warmed up and loose. Then go home, go to bed to wake up the next morning tight, stiff and for many bodies...experiencing deep joint pain and this keeps repeating day after day.


Though this experience is so called 'normal' for most dancers, it is not healthy. The body is tight stiff and in pain due to over use. Your nervous system never has the time to calm down. Dancers in general, especially professional dancers exercise way too much.


You will learn:

  • How to help calm the nerves for bed so you can wake up loose and fluid and if not pain free, a less pain filled body. 

  • Ways the dancer can take less time warming up.

  • How to prevent over exhausted muscles.


For Dance Instructors:  this knowledge will help you get more out of your dancers in less time.


 Classes & Private Sessions : You will learn...

  •  How to read what your joints are telling you.

  •  When and why to transfer energy from one muscle group to another.

  •  What to look for after you get hurt and the tools to prevent your muscles from swelling & stiffening

  •  Breathing that opens up and activates all the nerves in your spine.

 And so much more...


1 Hour ~ Private Sessions:   

  • First I watch you move, looking for your body’s areas of weakness.

  • You will slowly move through a group of dance warm-ups,

  • Slower the movement activates the smaller and medium muscles, calm your larger muscles and create more muscular control.  

  • The exercises done slowly will be the ticket to your dance longevity. They will be specific to your needs, to do on your own, to re-program your nerves and balance the muscles to correct your joint  &  spinal placement.