Bowen ~ Nerve Stress Release :


Less Stress In The Body Means More Flexible Muscles


Nerve Stress Release integrates the Bowen Technique from Australia and slow moving exercises. 


Bowen Sessions are every 5-7 days. Each session helps to release stress or trauma in the body. 


One or two exercises keeps the body loose and fluid between sessions quickening the stress/trauma release process. Less stress in the body means more flexible muscles.

More flexible muscles means less bones breaking as the body ages.


When the muscles are fluid and elasticized the body is able to react to sudden physical strain by a giving in the area that is being hurt or stressed. If there is a tense, tightening reaction that creates no give in the muscles, the bones in the area experience too much stress and pressure and have to break.


You can be any age for this to happen.  All you need is tension and stress and you create immobility in the muscles and therefore the body. 


Bowen Sessions are an hour long and done on a massage table with the client fully clothed. 

  • This technique softly rolls the muscles, tapping their main nerves, then allows the body to rest and process.

  • Bowen is one of few therapies that has these rests and directly accesses the nerves.

  • Because stress tightens and hardens the muscles each session calms your nerves out of a stress pattern enabling the muscles to become softer and more elasticized.

  • If the client chooses, slow moving exercises are used between sessions to directly access the spinal nerves. 


Unlike some therapies that require frequent and long term treatment plans, improvement is often experienced within the first few treatments with the Bowen Technique. 


For the best results it is suggested you sign up for 4 or 5 sessions, each one a week apart. This will enable your nervous system to re-program into a new, calmer pattern and hold longer than just doing one session and quitting. Tom Bowen, who founded this technique, realized on the second session the nerves begin holding the information and calming stress messages in the body.




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