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The following pages under About, hopefully give you a better understanding of my background and what the nerves do, how they affect the body and why I have become so interested in it all.


Most people think the heart keeps them alive or if they didn't have oxygen then that would create their death. The second is true indeed but....

  • What enables the heart to beat in the first place?

  • What tells our body to take that next inhale and exhale?

  • What tells the organs to digest food and create the chemistry for the food to break into nutrients to feed all the different layers of this incredible instrument called our body? 

                                   The Nervous System!


Think of our body as a computer and the Nervous System as its' power cord. You unplug a laptop and the battery drains down to nothing. Your computer is dead. As in the body if the nervous systems stops functioning then the heart does not beat, the brain can't send or receive messages and the breath does not come. 


With the simple understanding of this electrical plug-in that keeps us alive and functioning called the Nervous System, hopefully you will gain a clearer picture of what you need and can do now, to have a healthier and longer lasting life.