About This Website

Everyone has a nervous system and yet very few of us really understand how important it is.

This site focuses on helping you understand how to calm and release stress in your body by way of your nerves.

If you did not have a nervous system you would not be alive.

It is your power cord and you are the computer.


If you're having any pain or soreness contact me and we can talk for free.  970-799-3447.

If you treat the nerves first when injured or ill then the body has a better and quicker chance of getting you back on your feet.

 Create A Longer Lasting Body    Through.... 

Bowen Nerve Treatments ~

                    Releasing Anxiety, Stress & Pain


Dancers ~  Correct Joint Placement     

Gishler  IMN ~

        Integrated Movement For the Nerves

                     Slow moving Pilates exercises

                     to strengthen and fine tune

                     all 3 muscle layers.